S.T.A.R. Systems is the traveling division of Only Soccer Equipment.com. We started in 1995 with a unique rebounding system.

The company was named after this equipment. S.T.A.R. stands for Soccer Targeting And Retrieval. It was originally designed as rehab equipment for my daughter. This two goal system was designed to aid players by increasing the amount of touches in a training session. At the same time it decreases the amount of time it takes to maintain or increase your skill level. The best part is a player can practice solo.

The people who shopped with us at the tournements asked for items they were having trouble finding. We added fashion shorts, tops, and pants. Because we are soccer parents as well as retailers, it did not take long to realize in which direction we wanted our company to grow.

In an attempt not to be just another soccer store, we started looking for all the fun items you don't see a lot of in traditional stores. The unique product mix allows us to set up at tournements with other vendors. As a fund raiser for the club we provide additional sources of revenue. These are dollars that might have been lost by only having one store at the event.

We started out by only going to local touraments. Now, we are asked to attend tournaments from San Antonio, Texas, to Chicago, Illinois, and as far as Naples, Florida. We have several traveling retail teams. Our office is based out of Germantown, TN. It allows us to send our teams in all four directions. We have attended tournaments in over 19 states. Ask us about attending your tournament.


Ron Lubin - CEO